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Target plans to construct a large-format store near Lakewood Ranch

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David Brierton

David Brierton

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Target plans to construct a large-format store near Lakewood Ranch

The retailer has applied for a permit from Manatee County to construct a new store, which is nearly 25,000 square feet larger than its average store, at Marketplace at Heritage Harbour off I-75.

Target plans to construct a store spanning nearly 150,000 square feet in east Manatee County, adjacent to an existing Costco on Lighthouse Road.

The store will be located in the Marketplace at Heritage Harbour shopping center, just off of Interstate 75 and State Road 64, approximately a mile from Lakewood Ranch.

The Minneapolis retailer’s new location is part of a plan to construct larger stores, allowing for increased merchandise and space for same-day order fulfillment.

A building permit application was filed in January with Manatee County for construction of the 149,214-square-foot store at 725 Lighthouse Drive, but the chain is not commenting on the location.

As of March 20, revisions required by the reviewers are being sent to the applicant, according to Bill Palmer, the building services division manager and county building official.

“The time for approval varies based on the prompt submission and acceptance of required documents, including site and building plans.”

The application was submitted by TH Harbour LLLP, with its principal address located in Piscataway, New Jersey. According to state corporation records, this address aligns with Edgewood Properties, one of the developers associated with Marketplace.

A marketing flyer and concept plan for the development includes a space next to the Costco store. The text on the flyer designates that space, in all capital letters, as “Lease pending big box user 148,782 sf.”
Edgewood did not respond to a request for comment or updates on the project.

A Target spokesperson stated on Wednesday that the company is consistently evaluating potential locations for new stores, including in the Bradenton, FL area. The spokesperson mentioned, “We are looking into the possibility of serving customers in the Bradenton Heritage Harbour area, but we are not able to disclose any new store plans at this time.”

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When the new Target store opens, it will be the fourth one in Sarasota and Manatee counties and the second in Bradenton. The closest Target to SR 64 is currently the Super Target at UTC.

Regarding its size, if the configurations remain unchanged, it will be approximately 26,000 square feet larger than the average 125,000-square-foot store the chain currently operates. It will be similar in size to a new Target store being developed in Pasco County.While many shoppers prefer the existing floor plan, the bigger-sized Target store is a thing of the future.

The retailer’s website states that its current 1,957 stores vary in size, ranging from several thousand square feet to over 200,000 square feet. As the retailer continues to grow, they are adding more large-format stores, with plans to build a dozen in 2023 alone.

The company announced in a statement in 2022 that it was moving to a larger store model. The aim was for the new locations to carry a wider range of products and provide same-day fulfillment services. The company also revealed a new store design featuring a more open layout and local touches for both its new locations and remodels.

This story has been updated to include information from Manatee County regarding the status of the permit application and from Target about its intentions.


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