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Have a glance at the recently constructed $15 million park in Parrish. An aquatic center is next

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  • Have a glance at the recently constructed $15 million park in Parrish. An aquatic center is next
David Brierton

David Brierton

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Have a glance at the recently constructed $15 million park in Parrish. An aquatic center is next

$15 million park in Parrish

Residents of the Parrish area can look forward to a new park that will soon be available. The park will feature several amenities that are intended to provide recreational and community gathering space, fulfilling a need that has been expressed by residents for several years.

Recently, the Manatee Board of County Commissioners has given its approval for the allocation of $15.4 million towards the construction of Parrish Community Park. The park will be situated on Fort Hamer Road, in close proximity to Parrish Community High School.

The town center project includes a new campus for the State College of Florida, Parrish Community High School, and an aquatic center as part of a larger plan.

The park has a lot to offer within its 11.5 acres. The architectural renderings showcase a beautiful wooden boardwalk, a splash pad area, multiple playgrounds, and a performance pavilion. Additionally, there are designated parking spots for food trucks during events.

According to Jennifer Hamey, the president of the Parrish Civic Association, this project has been in development for quite some time. As a predominantly residential area, there is a high demand for commercial spaces where families can take their children and enjoy some greenery. With the addition of conservation areas and green spaces, this project is fulfilling a much-needed request from the community.

Over the past few years, the Parrish Civic Association has conducted town hall meetings and surveys among residents and has emerged as the primary advocate for a park in the locality.

The upcoming Parrish Community Park is going to have 20 fitness stations, as well as picnic pavilions, restrooms, and other amenities. A groundbreaking ceremony is planned for August 11th, and the park is anticipated to be open for public use by the end of 2024.

Commissioner James Satcher expressed his excitement and appreciation for the county staff’s efforts in designing a park that ensures children remain within their parents’ sight. He believes that the park will benefit everyone involved.

Commissioner Kevin Van Ostenbridge expressed that the addition would be a significant benefit to Parrish.

$15 million park in Parrish

An architectural rendering for Parrish Community Park shows off several amenities, including a wooden boardwalk, a splash pad area, various playgrounds, and a performance pavilion. There are also designated food truck parking spots for events.

Parrish is advocating for funding to support community spaces.

The park will now have the capacity to accommodate festivals, plays, and other community events with the help of a shade structure and event lawn, both measuring 120 feet by 120 feet. Harney expressed her excitement for the park’s potential to unite the neighborhood and bring people closer together.

Hamey expressed his excitement about the growth happening in Parrish and the upcoming community park that will bring everyone together.

Manatee County’s Capital Improvement Plan includes plans to develop a second phase of Parrish Community Park. This new phase will feature a public swimming pool located north of the Manatee River, offering additional facilities to residents in the area. The need for these facilities was identified due to the lack of competitive swim lanes throughout the county, despite the presence of beautiful recreation swimming pools in surrounding neighborhoods. County staff wrote about the importance of providing services to area residents through the future North County Aquatic Facility.

According to the updated CIP, county officials plan to include a lap pool with competitive features and a play pool with shallow water and fun elements. The competition pool will measure 25 yards by 25 meters and have 10 lanes, making it suitable for tournaments and other events.

The anticipated cost for the pool complex at Parrish Community Park is approximately $13 million. However, the construction is not scheduled to commence until 2025, and the completion of the aquatic center is aimed to be achieved by the end of 2027.


An architectural rendering for Parrish Community Park shows children’s various playground areas. There are also plans to build a splash pad area and boardwalks on the 11.5-acre property.


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